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Feel the love when you need it most

Heart prompts

Authenticity is a matter of the heart—everything here tends to be. This is a space for healing and that requires deeply sweet honesty. I infuse love so that it all feels like a warm mug of comfort: good for the soul; honey for the heart; soothing where it's due. Like you’re reading journal entries that are meant for you.

Steady guidance

Love is my North Star. Its guiding light cuts through the fog of suffering, even if it’s just enough to survive the day. I’m not here to tell you your answers, but to share glimmers of possibility. It's like walking an illumined path and finding treasure tucked inside a rock or flowers springing from the cracks.

Reasons to stay

These messages speak to how we can rise from the ashes of what we thought would crush us. It takes a whole lot of showing up (and courage). Stay, and make the darkness conscious. Risk wonder; explore; unfold. Bare your light. Shine for someone. Grow in unlikely places. It’s a worthwhile journey, and so are you.

Things I’m loving right now

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